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Training with Tori's K9 Team!

Training is NOW ENROLLING!!

No matter the age, breed, size, or issue, we can help! All of our training programs focus on psychology and obedience. We can help you create a mentally healthy and stable dog while teaching all of your cues, from puppy to advanced. Our curriculums can turn your dog into the perfect dog for YOUR household. All of our training and techniques from basic obedience to the most aggressive cases are realistic and highly effective. 

While gaining your dog's trust and respect, you will learn to understand your dog, how to curb and correct unwanted behaviors and how to guide your dog in the right direction. All techniques are realistic for easy consistency in your daily routines. Our programs are fun and energetic and you will learn to become a team! We encourage the entire family to be involved, even children over 10 years of age. There are no breed restrictions and we offer help with everything from basic cues to severe behavior problems in a group setting, private setting, house call, or even boot camps. We will teach you how to understand your dog.

   Please email [email protected] or call 804-744-1180 for training inquires!

Too many owners make the mistake of waiting to start training until the dog is "older", "more mature", "fixed", or all of their vaccines are finished. 

In reality, starting training as early as 8 weeks is ideal because at this time their brains are like little sponges. What they learn and experience - good and bad - can stay with them during this time in their lives. Do NOT let that stop you from practicing socialization with older, fully vaccinated dogs that you know, or training in safe, healthy environments. However, do make sure your puppy has at least his/her second round of vaccines before taking them into places where other pets have been for play or training.

* 8 weeks of age or after the second round of shots is ideal to start training, but keep in mind no dog is too old to train. Yes, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!*

 *Proof of current DHLPP, Bordetella, and Rabies are required for any and all services, including training. Rabies is excluded for puppies 4 months and under.


Puppy Start Boot Camp

Basic or Tailored Boot Camps

Group Training Classes

House Calls

Puppy Start Boot Camp           

- $900 for entire program

- For puppies 9 weeks to 5 months

- Entire Program Approx 3 weeks

Length of Boot Camp varies for each puppy but the average will range approx three weeks. Price does not change no matter the length of boot camp. Puppies will start program within the facility learning social skills with others their age and size and being introduced to proper leash walking and basic starting cues. The last week the puppy will stay under foot with Tori sharpening all the new skills and using everything in a real life setting.

How does this work?

Puppy Start Boot Camp is a good choice if private or group classes just won't work with your schedule, or if you just don't have the extra time or know-how to get your puppy started. The puppy will spend about 3 weeks under a strict training schedule with our gifted trainers covering all basic cues and unwanted behaviors. We will cover:



Introducing Stay

Coming When called

Leave it

Take it

Proper loose leash walking

Potty training (there will be steps you will have to do when the puppy comes home)

Crate training

Proper puppy socialization

Basic household manners

Basic handling skills 

Once Puppy Boot Camp is complete, you will then spend approximately 1 to 2 hours one on one with one or more of our trainers discussing and learning everything that was taught and/or corrected. We will make sure you are comfortable and understand how to use every cue before we send you with your "new dog". You will also receive paperwork covering all that was done and taught so you will have something to refer back to for consistency with your well-trained puppy.

 For further questions or concerns on how this works feel free to email [email protected]

Basic or Tailored Boot Camps               

- Large range in prices and length of camps. Most Basic or Tailored Boot Camps require a $50 consultation prior to giving a quote. If a boot camp is scheduled the $50 will go towards your final bill giving you a $50 discount in the end.

- Basic Boot Camps are similar to Puppy Boot Camps but for dogs older then 6 months and run approx. $950-$1,100 -- where severe aggression rehabilitation may last up to several months and be as much as several thousand dollars. 

- Boot Camps are ideal for basic cues, specific goals, issues, or behavior problems like aggression, high anxiety, and extreme fearful behaviors

- Any Age is welcomed

A Basic or Tailored Boot Camp is tailored to you and your dog. You will consult with our trainers and discuss what you want taught and what you want corrected.  At this time you will receive your estimated cost and estimated time frame of boot camp.  After the consultation your dog will be put on a strict training program lasting anywhere from over the weekend to several months, depending on the severity of the issues or what is being taught. Please understand that severe and true aggression and extremely fearful behavior cases can last several months and simply take time.  

Once the program is complete, you will be shown everything that was done and taught how to do the techniques and cues.  You will also be given paperwork that you can refer back to as a reference once your dog is back home. 

To get started contact us by phone or email to [email protected]. Please be advised we have a waiting list during certain times of the year.  

*We specialize in working with aggressive and overly fearful behaviors.


House Calls                                 

 - $95 PER HOUR - In home visit 

This would probably be your best option if your main behavior issue has a connection to the home or property such as: control when guests arrive, teaching in home boundaries, being leash reactive, and so on.

** We also do calls to vets office and parks for behavior troubles as well.

Call 804-744-1180 Mon-Fri or email [email protected] for a consult with one of our trainers.

Group Training Classes                                  - See Calendar Page

Our entire program has been developed by trainers whose goal it is to teach each owner how to understand, communicate, and teach their dog to obey at every moment, in any situation. The program uses very effective and realistic techniques. It's not only designed to teach each handler and dog all of their basic cues, but to also work on proper socialization, crate and car etiquette, and so much more.

Our training program will completely sculpt your dog while teaching you how to accomplish anything you want with them.

Group Training Classes -  NEW classes start on days posted on our calendar page and meet the same day and time each week for 6 weeks depending on program. A minimum and maximum number of students are accepted per class. Sign up to hold your spot!! 

Seminars - Seminars are approx. 30-45 min covering a specific topic. Few spots available so sign up in advance! See Calendar page for upcoming Seminars


Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced - Agility - Seminars

Basic Classes run 6 weeks = $150

Intermediate Classes run 6 weeks = $150

Advanced Classes run 6 weeks = $150

Agility 1 Classes run 4 weeks = $130

Agility 2 Classes run 5 weeks =$130

Private Session = $50 In-Facility

All Classes run approx. 1hr once a week

 See our Calendar Page for class start dates and times.

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