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Doggie Day School Program

Tori's K9 Adventures' Doggie Day School program stands out from the rest! It is a great way for your dog to practice proper socialization while burning off some of that extra energy in a safe and structured enviornment. It gives them an excellent source of entertainment and practice of proper manners and behavior while you are at work, at school, or on an all day outing. We work to maintain good manners and discourage unwanted behaviors during social time and activities like not jumping up, not darting through doors, proper leash walking, and more. We do activities to encourage healthy mental and physical stimulation and socialization, such entering playgroups properly and calming, teaching self control and attention while around other dogs and distractions, practicing "stay" as a group, playing with bubbles, waiting at playroom gates as a group until called, and more. We also use cues we like to share with the owners for consistency like "Quiet" and "Enough" for excess barking. Since dogs exhaust more by mental challenge then physical challenge and over excitement can cause fights; we don't allow more than a certain amount of excitement and instead challenge the brain all day. This way they are happy, safe, well behaved, and tired at the end of the day.

Doggie Day School is not just fun but can help improve some of those behaviors that can come from your dog being bored and/or full of energy like chewing, over-excitement, excessive barking, separation anxiety, etc. Our indoor A/C and heated play areas provide plenty of indoor space and our large fenced outdoor area gives plenty of potty space. Dogs are divided by size and temperament. *Doing our daycare program at least 3 times a week will show visible improvement in your dog's behavior.*

All dogs are evaluated through our evaluation program before being able to attend day school on a regular basis.  This ensures all dogs participating in our Basic Day School are well socialized, well mannered and interacting with dogs best suited to there temperament and size. Evaluations must be scheduled ahead of time!  

Evaluation Day/First Visit - 

Your dog's first visit with us is when he/she will be Evaluated. During first visit dogs must attend for a minimum of 6 hours on evaluation day. No Evaluations are done Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays. All dogs are required to be evaluated during their first visit whether it be for boarding or day school.

You will receive a report at pick up on evaluation day, letting you know how your dog did. Most dogs do great which welcomes them to our Level 1 program. If so, you may bring your dog any day Mon-Fri without scheduling. Saturday day school is offered to Level 1 dogs by appointment Only.  Our level 2 program is for dogs who require more one-on-one time, due to some dominance, extremely fearful behavior, excessive excitement, or any behavior that is unsettling to the pack or dangerous to themselves or others. In this case you will need to call each morning or the day(s) before to reserve your daycare spot. We take no more than four Level 2's each day and do not offer L2 day school on Saturdays. No dogs with serious aggression can participate is the Basic Day School program but please ask about other options. Level 2 dogs are assigned a resting area at arrival and brought into groups throughout the day. These dogs are monitored very closely and have a handler follow at all times. All level 2's are rotated in and out of groups and by only allowing up to 4 per day it allows us to spend plenty of time with each Level 2.  

Training & Activity Center (V.I.P)

Our training and activity center and VIP program is something you cannot get anywhere else! We offer an entire facility set up strictly to challenge the dog's mind, exercise, and have some fun! We also have things like bikes, wheelchairs, rollerblades, skate boards, and more for desensitization. At arrival your dog will start with potty breaks and some social time to start the day. That morning any dog who has requested Training & Activity Center will head over to the center where they will rotate through activities, play, socialize, and have a blast. The Training & Activity Center also gives more one on one time!

Some Activities May Include:

Giant Ball Pit- For play and to search for hidden things within!

Sway Bridge- Fun and challenging while building confidence and rear-end awareness

Agility Obstacles and Tunnels- fun, challenging, and good exercise

Frisbee & Ball Time

Desensitization to objects like wheelchairs, bikes, rollerblades, and skateboards

Treadmills & Treadwheels (hamster wheel for dogs)

Proper Leash Walking activities and Manners

Working Group Stays

Frequent Potty Breaks

The Training & Activity Center wraps up around 4pm when we start feeding boarding dogs their dinner and preparing for training classes. Dogs will be brought back over to the main building for socialization in the basic program and potty breaks until departure. Heavy cleaning starts at 6pm at which time we separate the last of our day school guests to smaller groups.


Day School Hours

7am-6pm Monday-Friday (Lobby closes at 7pm)

* Saturday & Sunday Day School is only offered to overnight weekend guests *

Day School Prices

$35.00 first visit (Evaluation Day) 

$22.00 / Day, Level 1 program --Second dog only $10!

$34.00 / Day, Level 2 program


$22 / Day - Training & Activity Center

$1.50 / Peanut Butter Kong or Dental Chew during Rest time

$9.00 / Toenail Trim & File

Passes- the more you come, the bigger the pass, the more you save!

$43 / 2 Day Pass -- 5 day expiration

$95 / 5 Day Pass -- 14 day expiration

$270 / 15 Day Pass -- 30 day expiration

$510 / 30 Day Pass -- 60 day expiration


** HUGE discounts offered for multiple dogs! **


 Included During Day School

- Group Setting all day with manners-training, structure, and mentally and physical stimulating activities.

- Potty breaks approx. every few hours as a group in a fenced setting. Potty breaks are kept shorter on rainy and extra hot days

- Mid day rest breaks for specific puppies or older guests who need a extra break. (if your puppy requires lunch please bring in a ziplock labeled with your puppy's name)



~Bordetella, DHLPP, Rabies, and a Negative fecal within the past year are required~

~Flea & Tick prevention monthly, year round is also required~

~We also recommend Bordetella every 6 months and the K9 Influenza vaccine for frequent boarders and daycare clients~

~Puppies must have at least their 2nd round of puppy vaccines, including Bordetella, before participating~


*Our day school program works to maintain, improve, and teach basic manners and good behaviors. Please understand that we can not guarantee anything being taught, but we do our best to work with as much as possible during the dog's stay. Even dogs in our level 2 day school program cannot be guaranteed.  Level 2 involves more one-on-one time, to help improve your dog's behavior so they are able to mingle freely and socialize properly with our pack. This also allows us to provide a safe structure to those who may not do well in a normal daycare setting.  Level 2 day school is NOT a full training program. If one-on-one training is what you seek, please check out our "Training" page.