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Your dog must attend training or have a daycare evaluation before being able to utilize our overnight services. Thank you for your understanding.



Finding the best place for your four-legged family member to stay while you're away can be very stressful. Many questions arise: Will they think we left them or will they be afraid? Will they get proper care? How do I know they are getting out to potty and are they receiving proper feedings? Will they be treated with care and love like we give them?

Here at Tori's K9 Adventures, all of these questions are a passion and a lifestyle, not just a job for us.  We want you to be most comfortable with leaving your pet here while you are away. We know that coming to a new place can be traumatic for many pets so we strive to make their experience here positive, stress-free and fun.

That is why, at the bottom of this page, we have provided you with a list of things to bring and how to prepare for an excellent boarding experience. By creating a positive routine with people that understand the dogs mind can help to get their mind off the fact that they are in a unfamiliar place. Your dog will sleep in our cozy, quiet, A/C/Heated rooms at night where they will comfortably rest after a busy day.

We have 21 overnight rooms in several different sizes with dogs being placed appropriately to their size or if family dogs are sharing a room. Rooms are 3x5, 3x6, 4x6, 5x5, and 7x7.  Being a training-based facility, we do have a few crates available for night time by request only to help maintain basic training or potty training during your dogs' stay.  

Because we keep our number of night time boarders low (to ensure each dog receives plenty of attention and proper care), please book ahead of time to reserve your spot - we fill up fast year around!  We do ask that if you no longer need your reservation please call within 48 hours of your scheduled drop off time to cancel. Also, due to our low number of rooms and our close bond with our re-occuring clients, after two "No Shows" you will be required to provide a credit card to hold your reservations or you may not be allowed to return for boarding. 



$30 per night (discounts available for multiple dogs)

Includes: Cots -- Bedding -- Bowls -- Potty breaks every 2 to 3 hours with time to stretch their legs -- lots of love -- A QUIET SETTING thanks to our simple techniques, No Chaotic Barking!! 

        **A half-day charge will be added for dogs picked up after 12pm on day of pick up. **

         - $20 per night for second dog if room is shared

           - $15 per night for third dog if room is shared


Add On's

- Basic Day School - $3.00/day

- Training & Activity Center - $8.00/day

- Kennel Food - $1.50 per feeding (we recommend bringing your own food and ask it be individually bagged per meal or in a large ziplock with scoop, labeled)

- Administer Medications - $2.00 (priced by administer not per medication)

- Peanut Butter Kong - $1.50 per Kong

-Dental Chew - $1.50 per chew


Holiday Boarding

Due to our low number of night time boarding rooms, please book in advance. When booking holiday boarding, we ask to see your record of up-to-date vaccines* and require a credit card to hold the room. If you do not cancel within 48 hours of your scheduled drop-off time, you will be charged a $48 cancelation fee.

The lobby is closed on the following days:

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, New Years Day, Labor Day, Fourth of July, and Memorial Day.  

 ~Just call or stop by to make a reservation~

*Proof of current DHLPP, Bordetella, and Rabies are Required.  We also ask that your dog have a negative fecal test within the last year and that your dog receives heartworm and flea/tick prevention all year.

**All dogs must go through an EVALUATION either before or during their first stay in order to participate in our group socialization and activities - $35 fee **

*What to bring and how to prepare!*

1. Leash and Collar - Please be sure your dog is wearing a nylon or leather collar - even if you use a gentle leader, easy walker, or harness. Collars must be worn when dogs are in playgroups and all other equipment is removed and placed in their cubby. Please make sure to bring your dog in the building on a short leash and under control. We have a few guest that may not be people and/or dog friendly. NO RETRACTABLE LEASHES!

2. Food - Please have food labeled in a large ziplock with a scoop or individual bagged per feeding. Please avoid bringing large plastic containers or your entire bag of dog food because dog food bags larger then 12 to 15lbs will not fit in your dog's cubby. When a dog is stressed or unsure about a situation it can sometimes cause loose stool. By keeping your dog on the same food and normal meals it can help keep the stomach at ease during boarding as changing foods quickly can upset a dogs stomach. We provide both food and water bowls. We even provide raised feeders to deep chested dogs and slow feeders to fast eaters to reduce the chance of bloat. We also make everyone wait 45min after eating before potty breaks and returning the playgroups. If you choose not to bring food we will provide it at $1.50 per feeding.

3. Bedding - We provide a orthopedic cot and plenty of bedding in each dog's room. You can bring a piece of clothing that smells like home, for comfort, like a recently worn t-shirt if you choose but we ask to keep bedding from home at a minimum because we still use ours as well as wash frequently. Please be sure to let us know if your dog is at risk of chewing or eating bedding.

4. Vaccines - Proof of DHLPP, Rabies, Bordetella, and a Negative fecal within the past year are required. Please bring a copy with you from your vet, have your vet fax the records to 804-744-1288, or have us call your vet ahead of time during normal business hours. For the safety of everyone, we do not make any exceptions with vaccines. Please double check that each required vaccines is up-to-date before arriving. Also, make sure your dog has received flea & tick prevention in the last 30 days (if application is due during your dog's stay please try to apply at home at least 24hrs before drop off) If Fleas or Ticks are found during your dog's stay, they will receive a Capstar and a possible prevention and it will be added to your bill.

5. Toys and Chews - You may bring any toys or bones you wish them to have in their room but please remember most dogs are only in their room to sleep and to eat. Please do NOT bring anything the dog can not have unattended in their room or anything that makes noise.

6. THE DAY OF DROP OFF - On the day of drop off it is best to act as normal and as calm as possible!! If you get worked up, upset, or run around preparing to depart in an extremely stressed state, this can cause your dog to become stressed out and be unsure about the situation and even be unsure about us. Your dog can actually remain overly stressed at drop off or even during their stay. It is best to make time to take a nice, calm, 30 min walk right before dropping the dog off or even on ourroad before entering the building. We also recommend dropping off mid-day or early afternoon vs near closing time so the dog can investigate his/her surroundings and relax before bed time. We do not allow tours at time of drop off or when introducing the dog the rest of the pack due to the energy of you and your dog and the excitement created when the other dogs see a new friendly face. This is to help our successful training based day care program and we appreciate your cooperation

7. Medications & Special Instructions - Please place all meds in original containers into a ziplock bag labeled with clear written instruction. Please go over this with staff at time of drop off. If there is any special instruction or anything we should know for our safety, your dogs safety, or the safety of other guests please let us know. This would include recent injury, scraps, sores, seizure history, aggressive behavior, or if you have 2 dogs sharing a room who can not eat together.

8. RELAX and let us provide your family member with the best care from people who dedicate their whole lives to these dogs and their career. Rest assure with us being smaller with well trained staff who are also K9 First Aid &CPR certified that we will be able to provide quality care and attention in a clean and stress free environment.

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