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Here at Tori's K9 Adventures, LLC we are a training and manners based facility and our professional knowledge of K9 behavior works towards maintaining proper behavior, manners, and care. We take pride in what we do and our passion for both our own dogs and yours is something you won't find anywhere else. We provide your pet with the same treatment we provide our own and focus on creating a well-balanced dog in every activity we do. Each day we work to provide all the essentials, physically and mentally, to keep your dog happy, healthy, stress free and well mannered.

If you are a NEW or FUTURE CLIENT of Tori's K9 Adventures, we ask that you fully read our "Boarding" and "Day School" pages.  

NEW CLIENT? Be sure to click on "What to bring and how to prepare."


Why choose Tori's K9 Adventures? 

1. We only have 21 night time rooms, unlike most kennels that have 100 dogs or more boarding at one time.  Having a smaller number of boarders allows us to provide proper individual care, attention, and affection to each dog during their stay. We do offer a few crates for nighttime by owner request.

2. All social groups and activities are inside, going outside only for potty breaks every couple hours.  Keeping playtime inside keeps your dog out of the heat, cold and rain, and helps keep them clean during their stay. This is extremely beneficial for dogs that are kept inside at home and brachiocephalic (smush-faced) breeds that do not do well in the weather elements.

3. Our Boarding fee includes all the essentials.  Our nightly boarding fee includes: frequent potty beaks and time to stretch their legs, cot, bedding, bowls, and very close care. We do not charge extra to take your dog out to potty and stretch their legs nor do we charge extra for bedding. We strongly recommend bringing your own food that your dog's stomach is used to, individually bagged or in a large zip-lock bag with a pre-measured scoop, labeled!

4. We Understand Dog Behavior. The Tori's K9 Adventures family is educated in dog behavior and proper handling. This enables us to properly pair up social groups and introduce newcomers, keeping everyone having a great time and getting along during daycare. During their stay with us, we are consistent on proper socialization and basic manners, such as not jumping up. We also provide tips on our "Boarding" page under the "what to bring and how to prepare" section that will make the boarding experience as positive and stress free as possible for you both. 

5. 24/7 Survailance. We have a high tech security system with cameras throughout the entire facility for management viewing at all times of the day and night.  

6. No Traditional Kennels or Cages. We have small "rooms" not cages, which are quiet, comfortable, and private for your dog to get a stress free, good night rest and to eat breakfast and dinner in peace. Our largest room is 7 x 8 and our smallest is 3 x 6. Dogs are placed in appropriate size rooms for their size and/or how many family members may be sharing a room. We do offer a few crates at night time by owner request.

7. We focus on training and manners! It is highly known that dogs have a tendency to regress in some of their training and behaviors when boarded or away.  Did you ever think you could board or do daycare and your dog come back with better manners then when they left?  Well now you can! Results may very depending on consistency at home and allowed behaviors. In addition to maintaining and working to improve proper socializing, we practice good behavior by always asking for a "sit" and to give respect by waiting patiently before placing breakfast and dinner down, not rewarding for jumping up, and much more.  We take frequent potty breaks, which is especially helpful for those still working on potty training.  We also teach everyone to respectfully let our attendants go in and out of doors throughout the facility first and not rush through them.  Not only will these small things help with the training and behaviors you have been working on at home but this also keeps a proper hierarchy throughout the day, which keeps everyone getting along and allows our attendants to have great control during social groups.  Everything we do is done with very calm yet assertive energy. Please know we are a training based facility, focusing on improving basic manners and cues but can not guarantee anything thru our daycare and boarding programs. Your consistency, control, and guidance can dramatically effect your dog's behavior. Check out our "Training" page for more specific and one-on-one training offerings.  

8. First day school visit is "Evaluation Day."  Evaluating each dog during their first visit allows us to introduce the dog to the pack properly and to quickly pinpoint any dominance, aggression, fear, or any other unhealthy behaviors that can bring an unstable energy into our social groups. This also allows us to maintain happy and friendly dogs into our programs. ALL dogs are required to go through an Evaluation during their first visit whether it be for boarding or day school.  Please see our "Day School" page for more details.

9. Free Training Tips at Day School pick-up!!  Part of our program is assisting you in staying consistent at home. To do so, we provide training tips for your individual dog when you pick up at the end of the day.

10. Our staff is K9 CPR & First Aid Certified through the Red Cross! This allows quick and proper response in the event of a medical emergency while in our care! 





 *Any and all prices and policies are subject to change without prior notice.  

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